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Fitting-room online


can not be touched and the example?

Universal fitting-room online: You can measure almost everything!

Try the wedding dress design to the kitchen, pick a tie, arrange the machinery and equipment for the house, try to trim wheels and tuning for cars, dress up children, pick a tattoo, change the door and the fence for the house, pick jewelry, decor and accessories, choose a picture or watch for the interior and much more!

Solutions for online stores and websites:

Clothing and accessories

Hair and Tattoo

The interior


Cottage and Garden


Selection of design

The universal fitting

Visitors will be able to choose for themselves everything online and even to order the dressing on the page of your catalog

fitting clothes

fitting accessories and jewelry

fitting hats and ties

fitting glasses

fitting hairstyles and wigs

showroom interior

showroom machinery and equipment

furniture showroom

fitting accessories for cars

and many other

Dressing helps to erase the boundaries between the user and an online store and increase consumer confidence

Members of your dressing

- may try to pre-defined backgrounds fitting.

- upload your photos from your computer.

- Use the image in real-time webcam .

Why online fitting room:

Views and fitting easily converted into a successful sale!


line fitting on the site increases sales. Because now the user clearly sees that the model is appropriate for him.


interactivity, games and unusual element to attract customers. Who of the girls did not like to play, dressing up dolls!

And even better

Keeps the user on the page, affecting SEO-indicators. Memorized and creates advertising viral effect.


Online fitting converts visitors into buyers

People are convinced that their model is perfect.

Fast forward order directly from the dressing of the page.

Collect the image or set of several models in the dressing room, buy more.

What you get

- satisfied customers

- Increase conversion

- Sales growth

- Wow-effect

Place the fitting

just add a widget to the page

On his website  On the partner site  In social networks

Show your models more users - Get more customers.

Fitting 24/7

Showroom operates around the clock seven days a week, seven days a week and 24 hours a day

Online fitting-room on Profseller

  • A professional designers, programmers and marketing specialists

  • Adapted to different screens and mobile devices

  • Suitable for most sites

  • It is easy to change the layout using the convenient designer styles.

  • Can be placed on any of the sites, including the sites of your partners.

  • Easily connected

  • Increases sales

  • It uses modern technology

  • Flexibility to configure

  • Even available on a free rate

    Try the online fitting room showroom on the site right now.


Start increases sales

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