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Widgets, triggers, and lead-form


Use the ready-made widgets for professional website

Contacts collection Callback Shares Express order in 1 click

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Video widgets the Html widgets Decorations for site Messengers

What is a widget on your site:

online application that shows you in a certain form and location on your site the information, graphics and interactive features.

What tasks will help to solve promotional widgets

Preparation of the final actions of the visitor

To order in 1 click.

Sign up for the newsletter.

Registration for the event.

Callback order.

Go to the desired page.

The collection of contacts

Collection of e-mail from the site.

Collection of phones from the site.

The expansion of the subscriber base in the email-newsletter.

The collection of orders / requests from customers (lead generation).

Registration for the event.

Customer Feedback

The order for a call back.

The collection of questions and requests from clients.

Getting reviews from the site.

Feedback Form to communicate with site visitors.

Collection of phones for feedback.

Getting ideas and suggestions.

Attracting attention

Focus on Sales and special offers.

Countdown Widget time motivating to the target action commission.

Attracting attention to the product of the day.

Focusing on certain sections of the site.

Notification delivery method and form of payment.

Client Retention in Online

Manage internal site traffic.

The direction of the link to the right page.

Demonstration of promotional materials.

Information visitors

Post timetable, weekends and holidays.

Information on how to use the site in a popup window.

Information about the delivery conditions in the user's region.

Increasing the functionality of the site

Demonstration video with no load on the site.

Reduced load on the site.

Display any HTML-pages.

Surveys on the site through third-party services.

Increase the attractiveness of the site

The use of unusual effects.

Site Decorating for the holiday.

Show interactive eelementov

And many more

Pick the widgets that are ideal for you

Widgets on the site




Divide emotions and gifts

Lead Client to the target action

Widgets Profseller

  • Designed by professional designers, programmers and marketolagami

  • adapted for different screens and mobile devices

  • Suitable for most sites

  • It is easy to change the layout using the convenient designer styles.

    • It is easy to connect

    • The ability to create forms in different languages ​​

    • Use modern technology

    • Flexible adjusted

      For example, widgets increase conversion

      Widget "is already leaving?"

      Prior to the 20% increase in conversion to the target action.

      Widget "Action countdown"

      + 35% increase in conversions

      Widget "Add site to your bookmarks"

      Up to 15% increase in user returns to the site.

      Widget "your area"

      Up to 5% conversion site.

      Widget "A gift certificate for a discount"

      + 50% increase in conversions and return to the site

      Widget "Quick Order 1-click"

      Up to 15% conversion of the site.

      Sales 24/7

      Widgets are working around the clock seven days a week, seven days a week and 24 hours a day

      Place the widgets

      On his website

      On the partner site

      In social networks

      Show your suggestions and information to more users - Get more customers .


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