Payment Methods

Convenient rates. Various choices of payment services

For you - convenient tariff plans, and payment methods. Pay service in the way that best suits you - credit cards, e-money, PayPal, or through available local payment systems. Companies can also receive an invoice for payment by bank transfer.

Select a convenient payment method

Payment by credit card

Plastic cards VISA or MasterCard

You can pay your bill or recharge wallet with bank cards of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard online. During the payment by bank card is made the customer redirected to the payment page of the system of electronic payments. Secure payment by credit card is provided by HTTPS secure connection technologies and enhanced user authentication.

Account for legal entities

The legal persons can transfer the payment via bank transfer, receiving a bill. Select the payment method and the account will be sent to your specified e - mail. Note: the term of enrollment in this way, depending on the country and the Bank can be up to 5-10 days.

Yandex Money

Yandex.Money - an affordable and secure way to pay for goods and services via the Internet. Deposit and payment orders take place in real-time online payment system. If you have a wallet in the system Yandex.Money You can pay for the services on our site, the usual way for you. If you choose this method of payment you will be redirected to the site Yandex Money. Transfers are safe and protected service Yandex Money.


Deposit and payment orders occur in real time on the website.


With the help of QIWI Wallet, you can instantly and without commissions to pay for services via web- and mobile sites, mobile applications, social networking, SMS-commands and QIWI terminals. QIWI Wallet is easy to fill up free terminals QIWI and partners, mobile showrooms, supermarkets, ATMs, via the Internet or mobile banking. Make payments you can not only from the account QIWI Wallet, but also by credit card, with a personal account of Beeline mobile phone, MegaFon, MTS, in cash. If you do not have QIWI Wallet, you can register it free of charge on the website or in any of the applications within a few minutes.


Millions of customers use PayPal for one reason: it is convenient. To pay only the email address and password. Pay for purchases in 26 currencies and 203 countries around the world - PayPal he performs currency conversion with low commission.

Bank transfer to the account

Individuals can choose to pay by bank transfer and complete the transaction by the bank details provided in every room. You can also perform a translation on these details, many systems "Bank Online" by entering the received information. A bill or receipt for the transfer you will receive after you select this method of payment.

Russian Mail

You can pay your bill or recharge purse RBK Money in post offices throughout the territory of the Russian Federation: quickly and without commission

Beauty connection

You can pay your bill or recharge purse RBK Money in any salon due Euroset, Messenger, MobilElement, Alt Telecom instantly and without Commission

Payment Terminals

You can pay your bill or recharge purse RBK Money in payment terminals that are present in all the cities of the Russian Federation, quickly and without commission.

Money transfers

Account Payment or replenishment purse RBK Money through the largest money transfer system is available in many Russian cities.

Internet Banking

Not leaving your computer, you can at any time to pay a bill or transfer money from your bank account on the wallet. Popular online banking system Sberbank Online, Alpha Click, the Internet bank PSB.

Purse RBK Money

Any purchase can be paid with user RBK Money purse.


Rates on our website are quoted in popular currencies:

USD Dollars EURO

For individuals

You can pay for the services convenient currency of your country:

56 currencies for 203 countries

We offer various payment options with automatic conversion. The Australian dollar, Ukrainian hryvnia, the Brazilian real .... - For individuals is available all the variety of charges. Pay conveniently and quickly!

For companies and legal entities

You will need documents for accounting (invoice, certificate)? In this case, an invoice and payment is only possible in the four major currencies: the Russian ruble, US dollar, euro, Chinese yuan. The invoice will be given appropriate requisites for admission money.


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