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Increase conversion

making complex works effectively to increase the conversion.

Save time and steps to the target action users online.

The conversion to a deal

The conversion to lead,

The conversion in the application

The conversion of the bell.

Get more return on each invested in advertising and promoting the ruble.

Have target action more quickly from the visitor


Sign up for the newsletter.

Registration for the event.

callback order.

Go to the desired page.

Getting reviews from the site.

Effective calls for action

Active invitations and selling triggers

Use calls to action and lead the Customer directly to the goal. Involve the user in a dialogue. Leads to the logical conclusion of the transaction or the offer to move to the next stage of your sales funnel.

Demonstrate offers

New products, special offers, products and hits of the day, shares with a gift.

See what widgets can

For example, widgets increase conversion

Widget "is already leaving?"

Prior to the 20% increase in conversion to the target action.

Widget "Action countdown"

+ 35% increase in conversions

Widget "Add site to your bookmarks"

Up to 15% increase in user returns to the site.

Widget "your area"

Before the 5% increase in site conversion.

Widget "A gift certificate for a discount"

+ 50% increase in conversions and return to the site

Widget "Quick Order 1-click"

Prior to the 15% increase in website conversion.

Personalization and dynamic content

Customer-oriented approach and personalized communication.

We analyze the source, the user's behavior. We offer dynamic content targeting information, personal promotions, personalized content on the site.

Our widgets automatically determine the region and other user settings.

Improve the quality of the description, the characteristics of the product information.

Use the services Showroom - Virtual fitting room, Models 360 and 3D. Adjust the dynamic display information to the user depending on the region. For example, shipping information in the user area.


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