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360 view and 3D models

3D product preview - it is very convenient, it's not always the same picture can show certain advantages of the goods, and sometimes hide flaws. Give users the ability to rotate the items on all sides to stop anywhere and see the details.

3D models online help:

Inspect the product from all sides in the online store.

To provide office interior, cafe or shop - any room.

Show-round view panorama

and increase the efficiency of sales!

3D models on the site are already using

Online shops

Manufacturers of products

service sector companies

Why Profseller

Create easily your model 360.

It is easy to change the layout using the convenient designer styles.

Choose from the shared directory of finished models created by other users.

Set the site in one click.

Load a single photo, and use a common data service "My Products and Services".

The ability to rotate the model in the same plane - reduces the number of photos and the shooting procedure.

The ability to rotate the model in different directions.

the flexibility to customize the widgets displaying models.

The ability to display both the page and the pop-up window.

The ability to bind one widget to multiple pages.

The ability to use targeting - display the widget according to the user .


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